about me

Judith Griffiths

I have always had a fascination in all things spiritual and magical thanks to my grandmother who introduced me to an understanding of life after death when I was young, she told of stories of seeing fairies in the garden when she was a little girl. I feel so blessed to have been encouraged to open my mind to the possibilities of spiritual and magical beings and life eternal.

I grew up with the Catholic faith and from the age of 16 I embarked on my own spiritual journey to find answers and understanding of God/Creator/Source/Universe, the Masters, Angelic Realm and spirit. After studying many different healing modalities and doing courses in Tarot and mediumship I developed my ability with the Clair Senses and Channelling messages from God, The Masters, Angels and Spirit.
I am an empath. I am able to intuit peoples emotions and feelings. This helps when doing both healings and readings.

I am here to help people break through any blocks or barriers both physically and emotionally. A good friend of mine Maryanne Frank wrote a book called Onion Tears. She wrote about how we need to peel away the layers of our emotions to enable us to get to the real issues and achieve emotional healing, this is much like peeling away the layer of an onion to get to the core. Sometimes this takes time but with the right guidance and support - it is achievable for everyone.
We all have our own answers and guidance from the spiritual realm, we just need support sometimes in knowing how to be open to receiving it.

My mission in this lifetime is to help as many souls as I can to become enlightened and take control of their own destiny to enjoy life with Peace, Abundance and Love.