Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy

Colour Selections identify and treat stressful issues which are most affecting you, and which of your qualities are needed to overcome these issues. The remedy colours will revitalise and re-balance the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Bottles are chosen to diagnose how stresses are impacting on the body's energy systems and relieve the effects of stress. Crystal Chakra rebalancing and healing balance the physical body, together with the colour therapy give healing on all levels.

A Healing Modality for:

- Inner confidence, self realisation, health and energy.
- Identifying and stimulating personal qualities and inner resources.
- Better handling of the stresses in your life.
- Developing the powerful aura of who you are.

Sessions Available

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy combines the power of energy healing and the gentle vibrational healing of colour to balance and harmonise the physical body, the mind and emotions, as well as spirit, treating all levels of our being.